Since hitting the stage in 2016, Chase and the Barons has been bringing rock n’ roll back to the dance floor. With an emphasis on style, energetic performances, and pocketed grooves, the band has created a standout sound for their audiences to enjoy. A combination of guitars, saxophone, layered percussion, and vocal harmony adds a creative edge to their original music.

In their first year, the band rapidly developed a dedicated following in the Pittsburgh area. Their audience’s response prompted the Barons to begin self-producing their first release, Panic Wishaw. These recordings helped spark an interest from Pioneer Records, an independent label founded by Ed Traversari of DiCesare Engler Productions. This label quickly funded their first EP Propose a Toaster (which can be listened to at

With four fresh tunes and the recording expertise of Jesse Naus at Red Caiman Media, this release captures the pure essence of Chase and the Barons with high energy, catchy melodies, and lyrics that combine witty, authentic humor with relatable, sincere themes. The EP’s launch garnered attention from WYEP, WQED, KDKA, Sound Scene Express, and various other regional press.

Riding off the steam of a release show at Stage AE followed by a weekend tour built around their spot at Launch Music Conference, Chase and the Barons is avidly planning further tours and festivals throughout 2017. “We’ve put in a lot of hard work,” remarks the band,” but when we look at the music and the fans we’ve made, it only makes us want to write better tunes and have crazier shows.”

Propose a Toaster EP 

Rule the World - Music Video